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ICC participates in the Rocky Marciano Award

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A sign for the passion of our company for the sport and its athletes of Abruzzo that reaches with difficulty and reach important goals.

ICC participates in the Rocky Marciano Award

A particular stage

He also played Rocky Marciano Award this year for many years that accompanies the entrance of the summer gathering in Ripa Teatina (country where sas is located ICC) for all athletes to Abruzzese origin who by their deeds have honored their land and which are a clear example of dedication and passion for the sport, the real, no frills. This year many awards including Luca Pizzi (cyclist) or a Russian (boxer), even at the awards ceremony a special guest: Dario Cataldo Miglianico (country of origin of one of the two families, members of ICC sas) Fresh champion of Italy in the Stopwatch. ICC wanted to participate by offering its know-how and style furnishings of the stage. Confident that the good done up to now is a good omen for what will we wish all the athletes who can win again and achieve ever more ambitious goals.